Carbon Cut has designed a tray and firestop that can be easily fitted inside most cavity walls, it locks in place thanks to its patented technology and allows an easy insulation of the external wall without disruption.

About Carbon Cut UK Trading Ltd

Carbon Cut has developed a proprietary Retrofit cavity wall tray for cavity wall insulation solutions that is cheaper, quicker to install, more durable, and causes less disruption than alternative approaches.
Carbon Cut’s technology consists of a horizontal cavity tray/closer and unique insertion system which sections a continuous cavity; supports insulation material, and addresses rain penetration by collecting water and removing it from of the building.

The benefits of Carbon Cut’s solution include:

Cheaper than external cladding or internal dry lining.

Easy to retrofit and fast to install which minimises disruption during installation

Enables continuous cavities of unlimited height to be insulated with existing insulation materials

Enables insulation of individual flats without interfering with surrounding dwellings

Reduces damage from damp, frost and water transfer through the cavity

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